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Last updated 22nd August 2020

Information from Deerness Valley Nursery

From September when you send your child to nursery you are still expected to be following the guidance from the Government contained in the document “Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do.”


At nursery we have a list of protocols we are required by the Government to follow to keep us Covid-Secure. Part of those protocols keeping everyone safe is that we ask all households of children and staff to follow the guidance. Now that things like leisure activities and restaurants are opening up, we want to be clear what we expect based on the document above.


These are the things we are asking you to do:


  1. You must not attend nursery if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid19 [HH4] or if you are self-isolating. For a list of symptoms please go to  

  2. Keep your hands clean. Washing with soapy water for more than 20 seconds is the best way to do this. Wash your hands before you leave for nursery.

  3. Practice and encourage “catch it, bin it, kill it” with coughs and sneezes.

  4. Send your child to nursery in clothes that are clean on that day.

  5. Practice social distancing (see more information below).

  6. Adults who are able should wear a face covering mask when less than 2m from staff or other families, or inside cars and public buildings.



What is social distancing?


Social distancing is keeping a distance between you and people outside of your household. When you meet up with people you have to be 2m apart, or 1m “plus” other factors such as face coverings, and good ventilation. Meeting up with people outside of your household has rules, currently two households can meet in any location, or six people from different households (children are people and they count in these numbers) can meet in any outdoor space. This includes if you are visiting public spaces, eg parks, restaurants and pubs.



Why should we follow social distancing?


Social distancing helps stop the spread of the virus. Keeping the spread of the virus low is keeping vulnerable people in our society safe.


When you think about the list at the start of this information and consider each item you can see that social distancing strengthens everything else – if you have covid19 and don’t come close to anyone then it cannot spread. If it cannot spread then we will be free of it much more quickly.


Keep in mind that these additional requirements on your time and activities are not about you. You are not following these guidelines so you can safely come to nursery, we are asking you to follow them so it is safe for everyone in our community. It’s not just the grandparents of our nursery children, but also the medically vulnerable in our villages who we are protecting.

Why is social distancing so important for nursery families?


Some of us work in jobs where we cannot social distance, eg nursery staff, teachers, carers, medical staff. That’s why it is in a list of 6 things we are doing to be Covid Secure. If you work in a role where you have to be close to others then your job will have a risk assessment for this to keep you safe.


There are other times when social distancing cannot happen, like if you need to go to see a medical professional.


If you practice social distancing as a household outside of work then you keep nursery safer from a possible outbreak. You also keep your friends, family and community safer from an outbreak that could come from nursery.


How can I practice social distancing with my family?


Social distancing with young children is difficult, but it can be done. You need a plan in advance of how you will do it. If meeting friends or family think ahead what you will say and do to help your child.


From our experience over the last few months we have some Social Distancing Top Tips:


  1. Think about why you’re seeing who you’re seeing – if it is an adult’s relationship consider seeing them when the children are napping or do it on an evening. Another good time is when your child is at nursery.

  2. Think about where you’re seeing someone. It is much easier for children to social distance outside, but choose a place or time of day that is quiet. Here are some outdoor places we recommend – Ushaw’s gardens, Broompark Picnic area, walks along the Deerness Valley Way old railway paths, beaches early in the morning, after tea, or in the rain. Outside is also much better than inside as covid19 spreads easily in places with poor ventilation. If you have to be inside then open windows to encourage fresh air flow.

  3. Plan an activity that encourages distance, like frisbee, playing catch, cricket or rounders, bike rides, or a buggy walk. What you choose will help everyone to maintain distance.

  4. Think about what you will say if they get too close. You will need to keep watching and divert children to another space or activity to help them keep apart. For example, it’s easier to say “come and look at this” than to have to keep saying “stay away”. Positive language or making it a game helps keep things easier for everyone.

  5. Consider whether you have enough adults to help your children keep distant. One adult cannot adequately keep several young children distant without feeling really stressed!

  6. Use your common sense. There will be moments when they are too close, but a couple of seconds of being too close is totally different to a long period playing together inside.

  7. Keep things clean. Change your clothes when you get home, and wash hands regularly with soapy water. If visitors have used your toilet or changing table then clean it thoroughly.

  8. Sitting down. You need to think carefully about where you sit. Separate picnic blankets helps them see where to sit. Side by side is better than face to face.


What about playing with children who are also at nursery?


Young children cannot social distance without a lot of constant support. Nurseries have exemption from the Government and so children at nursery do not have to social distance.


Even though we are outside for most the day we have a detailed risk assessment and a lot of safety measures to keep children and staff as safe as possible. Nursery is the safest place for children to play together and provides much needed social interaction they cannot have elsewhere.


Outside of nursery you have to follow the social distancing guidelines.


Can Grandparents or other family look after my child?


Yes they can do, but it is your responsibility to ensure they are following social distancing outside of the times they are caring for your child. They also need to follow social distancing while caring for your child unless you have been able to form a support bubble with them.


That guidance is here - and it is number 2.6.



Can we car-share?


Yes you can if you have no other option, but you should think about where you sit in the car, how long you’ll be driving for, wear face covering masks and open the windows.


There is a specific piece of guidance about getting a lift or car sharing which is here -



What if things don’t go to plan?


Short times of closer contact with other people may happen, for example someone in the supermarket coming too close, or a child coming too near to your child for a brief moment. These unintentional short times of closer contact happen to everyone, you don’t need to tell us if this happens.


However, it is important we know if you haven’t been able to follow social distancing for longer periods, or if you can see a problem coming so we can be make a plan to keep everyone safe. For example we might be able to extend your session time so you can go to an appointment.

If you have not been able to follow social distancing it is very important that you let me know so I can decide what to do.



I’m feeling worried about this, or I have questions


We understand this is a totally new way of life, and we are all learning together. If you are struggling, if social distancing is leaving you lonely, or if you need ideas or advice please get in touch. We are all in this together, and Jenny and I want to help you as much as we can.



Thank you for reading all that information. It is very important for us to have a formal record that you have agreed to follow those guidelines, so you will need to sign a statement when you come to nursery. The form is copied below so you can read it in advance.


Home/Nursery Covid Security Document


Deerness Valley Nursery reserve the right to refuse admittance to any child from any family who are not following the Government guidelines. This refusal to admit a child may happen in person at the gate, and the period of non-admittance will be confirmed in writing with 24 hours of a verbal refusal. Refusal to admit a child to a chargeable session does not mean that session will not be charged for.


If you have any questions about this please contact Nursery Manager Hannah Dexter either in person at Nursery or at



I,___________________________ (Parent name), acknowledge that on



 _________________________ (date), I received a copy of the Home/Nursery Covid Security Document and that I have read and understood it.

Information from about the Coronavirus Covid19

This information is from the World Health Organisation:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

Please only follow information about the coronavirus pandemic from reputable news and official sources such as and the NHS.

Symptoms of the coronavirus and what to do if you feel ill.

Information from the UK Government has a large selection of information which is regularly updated. Below you will find links to the information applicable to nurseries and educational settings. This list is not exhaustive, and the has a lot more information about the pandemic.

Main Coronavirus Page

Guidance we need to follow

Education and Childcare Settings Main Page

What parents need to know from September 2020

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