Useful Information

In our Parent Information and Kit List pack you will see we recommend some really good items. These can be found online and in stores, but if you choose to go with our links below we get some money via the Amazon Affiliate program.

The bibs we recommend for under 3s for meal times. ​

We like these because they fit well, covering arms and body and clipping securely together with poppers. They also wash well.

The slippers we recommend for children at nursery.

These are perfect for our youngest children. They fit securely, are soft and comfortable as well as providing good grip on our hard floors.

The style of apron we recommend for over 3s.

We like these because they are durable and easy for over 3s to put on and take off themselves.

The style of wet bag we recommend.

These are excellent. They wash well, and their large size means they hold a lot of clothes, nappies, or even shoes!

We have some of these to sell.