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About Us

We believe every child is a unique individual with huge potential to learn and grow. In our nursery we provide plenty of time and space for every child to explore their interests through play in a natural and inspiring setting. Connection to nature and the local environment are developed through exploration in our large garden, and in the wilder space of the Deerness Valley Way woodland.

We have developed our own pedagogical style, but it is similar to the way Froebel worked with his kindergartens, and also takes inspiration from Maria Montessori, and Loris Malaguzzi and the schools in Reggio Emilia.


Mixed Age

Our children and staff work together in mixed age groups because we believe that family groups are the most natural way to work together.

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Growing and Learning

Our highly trained and skilled staff put children’s interests and needs first, and seek to foster self-confidence, critical thinking, perseverance, curiosity, discipline, exploration, cooperation, resilience, tolerance and respect all as part of early years education. We do all these things rooted in our Christian faith. However, families from different faiths or with no faith are equally welcome.

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