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Our Values - Who we are

We have a set of values that we share, teach, model and live out at nursery. These guide the decisions we make as a community, and the ways we work and care for the environment.

We are Valuable and Valued – all people of all kinds from all places have value and so are treated respectfully and with kindness and love.


We are Generous and Helpful – we share and take turns, we don’t take more than we need especially if it leaves another in lack, we do what other people want to do sometimes, we give our time to others.


We are Hard-working and Responsible – we try our best to do things well. We have a go at everything including doing things we don’t want to do, or we know need to be done.


We are Respectful – we listen to what other people say and want. We do as we are asked to do.

We are family, and as family:


We are Interdependent – we help others and allow others to help us. We can do good things together and more than we can do alone.


We are Forgiving – We say sorry when we’ve done things wrong, we try to do better next time and we forgive others when they’ve done something wrong. We recognise that mistakes are a part of learning.


We are Caring and Compassionate – we care about others and we try to help look after other people.



We are God’s children, and so:


We are Thankful – we live lives of gratitude to God and others, so we say please and thank-you, we say grace before meals, we spend time noticing things that are good.


We are Hopeful – we seek the good things in the day and in each other. We focus on solutions instead of problems.


We are Wonder-filled – we take time to notice beauty and enjoy the place and time we are in.


We are Joyful – we find joy in the every-day and encourage enjoyment in all we do.

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