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Sessions and Prices

From September 2023 we are changing the timings of our nursery day. We will have two core sessions a day. These core sessions can be paid for using government funding for two, three or four year olds.

The core sessions are:

Morning 0900 to 1200

Afternoon 1300 to 1600

In these core sessions Educators will be leading learning, providing activities, observing learning, playing with children, providing support and additional activities for children with Speech and Language programmes.


We will explore and deliver all aspects of our curriculum – Play, Work, Projects, and “About” (often walks in the forest). There will always be at least one Qualified Teacher present in these sessions.

We will also be offering wrap around sessions for families who need their child to be at nursery longer.

The wrap around sessions are:

Early start 0730 – 0800
Breakfast 0800 – 0900
Lunch 1200 – 1300
Tea 1600 – 1700
Later finish 1700 – 1730


The Breakfast and Tea sessions will have a focus on the Work aspect of our curriculum, giving children the age-related responsibilities to help an adult with Gardening, Chicken Care, Laundry, and Kitchen tasks that might be cooking related or could be emptying the dishwasher. There will  be time and space to play. 

In the Lunch session will sit together and share a meal cooked at nursery by children and adults.

The whole nursery day looks like this:







We are open 48 weeks a year, and do not offer term time only spaces. We stretch funding to cover the weeks we are open.


Click here to see our calendars - 2022 to 2023, 2023 - 2024

We are mixed age and all play and learn in the same space, but to help us organise our availability we assign children to a "room". These "rooms" are not physical rooms, but instead ways to make sure we have enough space for our children and each room has its own private rate price. Please get in touch for the latest prices.

Room 1

Under 2s not walking yet

Room 2

Under 2s walking securely

Room 3

Two year olds

Rooms 4 and 5

Three year olds and over


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