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Our Eco-Values

We believe that taking care of our environment and making small sustainable choices and changes now leaves a legacy of a healthier planet for our children in generations to come.

This belief drove key decisions made when designing and building nursery, from excellent insulation, thermally efficient toughened glass windows, to all LED energy-saving bulbs. We are working towards gaining an Eco-Schools Green Flag award in recognition of our work. In the meantime please see our travel plan and information about our reusable cloth nappies and wipes below.

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We are a rural nursery, but we are not remote. We are in easy walking distance from Ushaw Moor, New Brancepeth and via the railway paths Broompark. We have good bus links too.

We do have a small car park but encourage all our families to consider walking, cycling or scooting to nursery where ever possible.

Reusable Nappies

At Deerness Valley Nursery we only use reusable nappies and wipes. We do this for a variety of reasons but mainly because we believe this is the best option for reducing waste and therefore for our children’s future.

We agree with the article on The Nappy Lady website that talks about research conducted by the Environment Agency ( Reusable nappies and wipes are a good choice for reducing waste heading for landfill, and reducing the impact of manufacturing disposable nappies.


Nappies are washed at 60 degrees in our commercial washing machine after every use with a final rinse using antibacterial laundry cleanser. We feel so confident that this makes them clean enough for your little one that our staff’s children who attend our nursery also use these nappies.

We use Little Lamb nappies and can purchase them for you at a discount. If you are looking to start or extend your reusable nappies do get in touch, we can order them for you if you know what you want, or you can have a consultation with Jenny to talk about what you need.

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