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Welcome to the plan!

Have you ever had a dream? Sitting at your desk, driving your car, or lying in the bath, just daydreaming about what you could be doing...

Well, my dream for a long time has been to set up my own nursery school. Somewhere special for small people to come, to learn, grow, discover, explore, be safe, be themselves.

I firmly believe in education, and especially in early years education. However, after more than a decade working in schools as an Early Years specialist, I have watched hundreds of children develop in a national school system which suits many children.

But not all.

Just like "one size fits all" clothing, a "one size fits all" curriculum in practice simply does not do that. Many children are leaving their early years phase of education without the basic foundations of reading, writing, and maths necessary to build a solid education.

Welcome to the plan. The plan is to spend my free time developing and then implementing plans to open a day nursery. Not as a daydream or a crazy "thought exercise" but to actually do it.

So, watch this space!

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